Fat Guys On Motorcycles: Is It Safe For Them?

Ooh, la la, sometimes when seeing a bunch of middle-aged male Teletubbies on the road, you can’t stop and worry for them if it is safe and will they cause some serious traffic jams. Riding a motorcycle is for everyone, small guys, big guys, fat guys or even midgets. However, when accidents happen, a fat … Read more

How To Get The Best Value When Buying A Used Motorcycle

Used motorcycles are a great choice for beginners. It doesn’t make sense to buy a brand new bike if you are a first-timer. You want to see how riding a bike feels before making a big commitment. Used bikes are the way to go in these situations. But there’s one thing that concerns everyone interested … Read more

How To Buy A Motorcycle So You Will Not Get Ripped Off

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10 Simple Steps To Sell Your Motorcycle For A Great Price

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Best Spark Plugs for 5.7lL Hemi: Read This Review First Before Buying Replacements

Spark plugs are just one of the most crucial parts of your vehicle’s engine. They are also one of the cheapest accessories. And your 5.7IL Hemi V8 engine needs the best spark plug to run smoothly and economically.

This small device can mean a lot to give you a comfortable ride every day and the best value for your money. But do you know that not all Hemi engines use the same spark plug?

Some Hemi engines use a flat seat with a washer (standard design) plugs: others utilize tapered thread construction spark plugs. Spark plugs also have different materials, which we will discuss later.

This article will enlighten you on some of the best spark plugs for 5.7L Hemi engines, keep reading folks!

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The 10 Best Leather Motorcycle Gloves Reviews in 2021

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